The purpose of our club is to gain friends, have fun, fellowship and teach and learn the art of crappie fishing. Club originated spring of 2009 and has grown to over 60 member families and is still growing.We meet every month the third Thursday night at 7 PM - "Skip's Grill", 614 Davy Crockett Highway, Winchester, Tn. At our meetings, we usually have some type of fishing presentation. We have club tournaments on the Saturday after the third Thursday night meeting each month. Tournaments are held at Tims's Ford, Normandy and Woods Reservoir.We have a club fish fry in September instead of a meeting. If you enjoy crappie fishing or just getting out on the lake then stop in at one of our meetings and check us out! 


Congrats to Mark & Scott Quimby 2nd place Woods with 5.27 pounds. 
Congrats to Jamie & Roger Johnson for winning the June Woods night tourney with 7 fish weighing 5.95 pounds. 

Congrats to Devin Story & Brandon Adcock 3rd place 4.55 pounds.

Congrats to Ryan McDaniel & Neil Davis-below. 4th place at Woods. 
Congrats to Terry Spray-below for taking big fish with a 1.59 BF. 
Congrats to Jamie Johnson above for catching the tourneys big fish at 1.24 pounds.